Ashida is truly a gem!

In her book "The Top 8 Questions Every Woman Should Ask Before Saying I Do," her authenticity, realness, and humor comes through in every page making her so relatable. I've known Ashida for four years and have learned so many new things about her through her book. She details the obstacles she's overcome in her life and not only uses them to become a better person, but also shares her wealth of knowledge with women, helping us all to choose wisely when it comes to marriage.

I've come to admire her even more for the growth that Ashida exemplifies in her life. She has been such a source of motivation and encouragement for me and has helped me to navigate through all aspects of my life.  Positivity just exudes from her and you can feel her genuine spirit. Ashida has so much more to offer the world, and I'm proud to be her friend and witness the amazing things she will accomplish next in her life.

Janus G.


Ashida is truly a blessing!

Not only is she highly organized, and a creative event coordinator, she's also a friend and spiritual cheerleader. She took the time to help me prioritize my personal and professional goals, and one year later, I can see the evidence of her sound wisdom. After reading The Top Eight Questions and participating with the Marriage Movement, I feel equipped for taking on the role of "wife" and look forward to saying "I do" to the love of my life in the future. Thank you Ashida for blessing me and others with your love, patience, and guidance.

Erika K.


Ashida is a kind and open-hearted teacher...

I purchased The Top 8 Questions Every Woman Should Ask Before Saying “I Do!” and attended the companion class led by Ashida Onrae last year. The experience has been invaluable in my journey towards the healthy romantic relationship I desire. The book is a great, quick read with very common-sense principles and the class really opened up my mind to very specific applications of those principles in my life. Over the course of 8 weeks I was given exercises that forced me to evaluate my relationships in the past and how the missteps in those situations could be reframed to help me adjust moving forward.

Ashida is a kind and open-hearted teacher who holds you accountable for ALL of your stuff and the things getting in the way of the future you want. She makes you feel so comfortable getting completely honest about your past, what you really want in the present and how you would like your future to look. She then guides you on developing specific steps you need to implement to get there. While this book is directed at romantic relationships, I know that many of the principles and perspective gained from the book and the class have had positive impacts in a variety of other areas of my life!

Courtney S.


I gained a life-long friend

Ashida helped me reach $10K in my savings for the first time in my life because she confidently motivated me to do it! I can't thank her enough for helping me get back on track financially. She's tough and takes no excuses and that's exactly what I needed to get my life back on track after my divorce! I reached out to her for coaching and gained a life-long friend. I still use her services from time to time to get advice to ensure I never fall behind again! Thank you and love you!

Jennifer P.